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At One Stop Country Pet Supply in Keene, NH we have an important item of advice for everyone who adopts a snake, lizard, turtle, or any other reptile: Reptiles make terrific pets, but if you don't live in their natural habitat (and chances are that you don't), they aren't necessarily easy to care for. You will not need to take your reptile for a walk daily, but you will require to offer it with a healthy environment with the ideal reptile heating and lighting. And to do that you will need the ideal reptile heating and lighting equipment from a shop you can trust. There is a fundamental reason reptiles need supplemental heat. Reptiles are cold-blooded. They can not manage their body heat. In nature, reptiles manage their body heat by changing their environment. They sun on a rock. They burrow into the ground. But reptiles you keep in a cage do not have that choice. They need you to supply heat for them. Some reptiles, like geckos and ball pythons, require supplementary heat 24/7. Reptile heating isn't fairly as easy as placing a heating system in a cage. Many heating units emit light. Utilizing them to keep a pet reptile cozy can be like creating 24-hour daylight, so your pet would certainly not have a regular cycle of activity and rest. Heating for reptiles during the night requires come from an infrared source, like a heated ceramic, rather than from a heat lamp. On the other hand, reptiles you keep indoors also need additional lighting. They require the same wavelengths of light offered by sunshine so their bodies can make vitamin D. They require a daytime light in addition to supplementary heat source all the time. And different reptiles need different reptile heating and lighting. Here is a rundown of reptile heating and lighting needs by species. Ball python heating and lighting: Ball pythons require eight to 12 hours of light every day, with several breaks of one to two hours during the day. They choose a nocturnal light to imitate conditions in the wild; infrared light is great at night (just not a glowing light bulb). Bearded dragon heating and lighting: Bearded dragons need constant heat, preferably from a ceramic heat source, 1 day a day. They also like to be able to bask in "sunlight" you supply with an incandescent bulb, but ensure it's only turned on during the day. Chameleon heating and lighting: Chameleons absolutely have to have UV-B light during the day so their bodies can make vitamin D. They favor lower temperature levels during the night from an infrared bulb. Corn snake heating and lighting: Corn snakes require 8 to 12 hrs of light each day with a "night light" or infrared light during the night. Do not give them way too much white light. Gecko heating and lighting: Geckos are nocturnal, so they do not require lights that offer UV-B. It's OKAY to provide them with a regular incandescent bulb for daytime lighting but they need ceramic heat or a nocturnal heat bulb at all hours. Russian tortoise heating and lighting: Russian tortoises aren't fairly as fussy as other reptiles concerning heat, but they need a UV-B light for 12 to 14 hrs a day. You will discover everything you require for maintaining your snake, lizard, or turtle healthy and delighted at One Stop Country Pet Supply in Keene, NH. We can help you maintain your pet reptile well-fed, warm, and healthsome for many pleased years ahead.

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