AQUATOP SkyAqua Nano Slim LED Light for Rimless Aquariums (5W)


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The Aquatop SkyAqua Nano SLIM LED Light for Rimless Aquariums raises the bar for aquarium keepers by combining style and technology. Each specially engineered light mimics the shimmer of natural sunlight, produces minimal heat, offers a fanless design for pin-drop silence, and provides general illumination for your aquatic organisms. The SkyAqua Nano SLIM LED will clamp on any frameless aquarium up to 0.25 inches thick for a quick, low-profile installation. Model: NLL-01


  • Produces the Shimmer of Natural Sunlight
  • Adjustable intensity 6,700K daylight output
  • Splash guard and Multi-mode Power Switch
  • Fits frameless aquariums with glass width up to 0.25 inches
  • Quiet, Cool and Fanless
  • Uses just 5-Watts of power max

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